What To Look For in a Fine Art Storage Warehouse

(Above) The Center’s fine art storage facility

An occurrence which we often encounter at The Center is artwork damaged as a result of improper storage. For those who collect art, it is important to consider the necessity of a reputable fine art storage warehouse. Whether your needs are for temporary storage during construction or home renovations, long-term in cases of fire, flood, or natural disasters, or rotational purposes, both private and corporate art collectors should be informed on the specifics that define a safe and secure storage warehouse.

Because the fine art warehouse industry is largely unregulated, insurance companies have begun to step in and set up guidelines to educate art owners on important criteria when looking for fine art storage. Some key elements to consider:

  • Does the company have a professional art handling training program for employees?
  • Does the company perform background checks on all employees?
  • Is there a barcode inventory system in place to help locate items at any given time?
  • Is there a central control system with camera monitors?
  • Is there an alarm system installed? If so, what type? Does the facility have a fire detection system that provides instant notification to the fire department?
  • Is the facility climate and humidity controlled?
  • Is there a plan in place to protect against infestation?
  • It is important to research and identify the preventative measures a facility is taking to ensure the safety and security of your artwork, as it is also important to be aware that fine art warehouses are not immune to everyday risks and disasters.

At the request of many of our regular clients, we have expanded our services to include fine art storage. We have a newly renovated, state of art warehouse to accommodate the growing needs of our clients. Our 20,000 square foot facility features a security system with controlled entry access and direct links to the fire department, an HVAC climate controlled system, bi-level vaults to separate art with varying condition issues, and a barcode inventory system for locating items. All of which is managed by our highly qualified art handlers and conservators.