The Photography Department strives to preserve photographic based works so that they will be available for the appreciation and study of future generations.


Given the diversity of photographs, each picture is treated individually to maintain its historical integrity and the artist’s original intent. 

The Center’s conservators have an in-depth understanding of the conservation of photographs and its history; treating pieces that range from fine art photography, to family portraits and everyday snapshots.

The conservators treat a multitude of works including: tintypes, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, sepia, black and white, color, hand-colored, and contemporary photographic prints including chromogenic and lambda. For sentimental photographs that have been severely damaged, our Digital Restoration Department can help provide an alternative preservation solution.

treatment gallery

George Bernard Shaw. Howard Carter. Black And White Photograph. Water Damage.

before after

Portrait of a Woman. Reinforced photograph with hand-painted additions. Age-related.

before after

Dental School. Sepia Photograph. Age-related Damage.

before after

Stories related to photograph conservation

corporate collections and the conservation center: saving lasalle bank's photography collection

When The Conservation Center was called in to rescue and preserve LaSalle Bank’s extensive photography collection following a fire, the benefits of precautionary steps were obvious. Though a few photographs too close to the core of the fire were irreversibly charred, the majority of the collection was repairable in part due to the professional matting and framing. Without proper housing, those photographs which had escaped the fire itself might have been water damaged by fire hoses, or marred by soot and smoke.