Collaborating with the conservators, the Custom Framing and Fabrication Department designs framing packages and displays to provide the best and most attractive housing for your piece.


The manner in which a work of art is mounted and framed has tremendous effect on both its long-term preservation and the way the art is perceived. The expert staff in the Custom Framing and Fabrication Department use archival materials and museum-standard techniques to ensure proper protection of your piece. The department also works with the client to specially design frames and framing packages to enhance the overall aesthetic of the artwork.

A large percentage of items at The Center require treatment due to poor framing techniques and materials. As the field of framing has developed and advanced, the materials and techniques of the craft have changed. The Center has been at the forefront of these new developments and constantly researches new methodologies to best house and protect your pieces. 

Framing consultations are available upon request.  Please contact Client Services to schedule an appointment.

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stories related to framing and display:


Framing and displaying an artwork properly can help draw attention to a work, enhance its visual appeal, and keep it safe. Poorly framing or displaying a work of art, on the other hand, can lead to discoloration, fading, acid burn, and other severe and unnecessary damage. Investing in high quality framing can help ensure that your artwork is better protected for the future. Proper framing and display borrows the knowledge and strategies of conservators, who dedicate their lives to preserving the integrity of art. Our Custom Framing and Fabrication Department explains the importance and process in this article.

Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog Plate (Red), recalls birthday parties and carnivals from childhood. The playful subject matter is in stark contrast with the appearance of a metallic medium. An interesting and intriguing piece, its contradictory appearance and composition implores the viewer to touch the piece. The Conservation Center was recently tasked with creating a mount and display case for this 2000 edition Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog Plate (Red). As the finish and structure of the piece is extremely fragile and sensitive, it is quite the task to handle the piece and design a mount to properly house the piece to ensure it is preserved and protected.