In 2009, The Conservation Center expanded its services to include fine art storage. We provide solutions for clients who require temporary or long-term storage options for their collections during instances such as home renovations, disasters such as fire or flood, or rotational purposes, and more.


The Center’s fine art storage is housed in a state-of-the-art warehouse with more than 7,500 square feet of space. Our facility features a security system with controlled access and direct links to the fire department, an HVAC climate controlled system, and a barcode inventory system for tracking the location of all objects. The museum-grade warehouse is climate controlled and maintains steady humidity and temperature levels.

A team of trained and experienced art handlers manage our storage facility. Since artwork can be damaged as a result of improper storage, The Center’s qualified art handlers work closely with conservators to ensure each object is safely packed and stored, taking into consideration the condition of each piece of art.

The Conservation Center is proud to be a Chubb Preferred Service Provider for its fine art storage facility.

Contact The Conservation Center’s Client Services team to find out more about the available art storage options or to discuss your art storage requirements in detail.

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six degrees of abraham lincoln: a historic mirror stored at the conservation center

While The Conservation Center is well known for its fine art conservation capabilities, additional expert services are offered as well. One of our clients, Martha Manning, has become quite familiar with the work that The Center provides, having many of her cherished art and heirloom pieces treated here over the years. As she explains, "I collect objects. I love them whether they are simple or ornate, I love the their accompanying stories and I love preserving them." But when Martha moved from her old home with sky-high ceilings into a 14th floor apartment in a mid-rise building, she was struck with a conundrum. A gigantic gilt mirror that had been in the family for generations would no longer fit in her home, and with such a rich backstory, she knew she couldn't give it up just yet.