Accolades from TCC's Advisory Board Members and The Center's Founder

Three decades of art restoration and preservation for clients and collections around the country is a pretty big deal, so we’ve taken this opportunity to have our distinguished Advisory Board members and founder say a few kind words about The Conservation Center and why they’re proud to be involved with us.

Left to Right, top row: Norman Bobins, Marshall Field V, Christiane Fischer, Robert Glick 2nd row: Helyn Goldenberg, Jack Guthman, Marilyn Katz, William Lear 3rd row: David W. Ruttenberg, Ralph Senst, Diane Swonk, Founder Barry Bauman

Left to Right, top row: Norman Bobins, Marshall Field V, Christiane Fischer, Robert Glick
2nd row: Helyn Goldenberg, Jack Guthman, Marilyn Katz, William Lear
3rd row: David W. Ruttenberg, Ralph Senst, Diane Swonk, Founder Barry Bauman

Norman Bobins:
“From the commonplace to the masterpiece and everything in between, be it sewing baskets, tables, prints, or rare books, The Conservation Center has provided expert care and invaluable service to us.”

Marshall Field V:
"Heather Becker has steered the company through some very hard times. And, she has come out the other end with a stronger company and a new plant. No small achievement. But, the place would never exist if it weren't for Barry Bauman who started it from nothing and made it the biggest in the Midwest."

Christiane Fischer:
“On behalf of myself and all of my colleagues at AXA Art, I would like to express my sincerest of congratulations for this historic anniversary that we are marking this year. As a board member of The Conservation Center, it has been my utmost pleasure to work alongside Heather Becker and her wonderful team. I wish The Conservation Center continued success and further milestones in the future.”

Robert Glick:
“Not only have I enjoyed assisting The Center as an adviser and learning so much about the restoration of fine art, I have also found them to be an invaluable source in keeping our treasured objects in excellent shape.”

Helyn Goldenberg:
“Preserving the wonderful works of man for now and next generations seems like a very good idea!”

Jack Guthman:
“It is a pleasure to be associated with a state-of-the-art enterprise doing very important work in our Chicago arts community.”

Marilyn Katz:
“Whether it is the restoration of the priceless Chicago Mural collection, the rescuing of museum-quality collections from flood and fire or the mending of a photo or fabric that has value only to its owner, The Conservation Center brings extraordinary and unmatched skill and talent to each task—making The Center itself a Chicago treasure.”

William Lear:
“One of The Center’s primary client services, understood by few, is the degree of substantive restorative efforts it devotes to non-commercial artistic objects from family archives.  For those who may not be collectors, preserving the integrity of an ancestral portrait can be just as intellectually relevant and rewarding as fixing the tear on a Picasso.”

David W. "Buzz" Ruttenberg:
“I enjoy my time as a board member because my interest in the arts so parallels the work of The Conservation Center, its commitment to excellence and the diverse nature of the work it performs.  Participating, even in a small way, in the preservation of artistic history is a rewarding opportunity, which is not often available to collectors. The community of the staff of The Center, Heather, its leader and the broad spectrum of board members makes my time invested most rewarding. This 30th anniversary is a special time for all of us. “ 

Ralph Senst:
“The Conservation Center’s staff of expert artists and restoration professionals is remarkable. I congratulate Heather and everyone at The Center for 30 years of exceptional work for all the private and public collections out there. Here’s to The Center's continued success and pursuit of work of the highest quality.”

Diane Swonk:
"Being a part of a group that restores what was lost, and seeing what that means to our identity as individuals and a nation has been a highlight of working with The Conservation Center during these troubled times. It has also kept me grounded as an economist working first hand with a small business owner as passionate as Heather Becker about keeping her business going; she literally put her heart, soul and skin in the game, refusing to give up."

Barry Bauman:
“As the Founder and owner of the Chicago Conservation Center for 20 years, it is a personal reward for me to see The Center still in existence after 30 years. The company's highlights are too numerous to recount but certainly the saving of 175 flood-damaged paintings for the Chicago Historical Society after their 1986 flood was an important contribution in the preservation of the City's rich visual history. The Chicago Public School's mural preservation project for the City of Chicago was also a unique period for The Center and garnered national attention leading to international treatment work. All of the conservators who have contributed to The Center's success over the past 30 years should feel very proud of their commitment to the preservation of some of America's most important cultural treasures."