The Lab at The Conservation Center

The Conservation Center expanded the laboratory in 2012 to accommodate the growth and development of its departments and services. The location at 400 N. Wolcott Avenue was designed to streamline functionality and incorporate the state-of-the-art technology needed for art conservation.


The Main Conservation Laboratory was a collaborative project between The Center's conservators and Studio Gang Architects resulting in a functional and efficient workspace. Designers at Studio Gang maintained the original architectural integrity of this 19th century warehouse by highlighting its pre-existing elements such as the original finishes and grand arched windows. 


The open floor plan of the laboratory not only allows for efficient maneuvering of large pieces within the area, but also fosters cross-departmental cooperation. Maintaining fluidity between departments is integral to The Center's approach to treating artworks in various media. The conservators designed each department with the treatment process in mind, taking into account the needs of individual pieces during each stage of treatment.   

5. the conservation laboratory.jpg