Art Claim Information

For art emergencies, please contact The Conservation Center's Claims Department. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mon–FrI 9AM–5PM


24-hour assistance


Time is of the essence when it comes to responding to disasters. The Conservation Center is ready to help whenever catastrophe strikes. Our dedicated team can provide dependable, nationwide pick-up and delivery services, plus on-location inventory, photography, triage, and condition reports for collections of all sizes.

The Center’s conservators are specially trained in the treatment of artworks of all types that have undergone severe trauma, including exposure to fire, water, high humidity, mold, handling damage, and construction debris. Our Disaster Response Team is prepared to respond immediately to emergencies.  The team works in tandem with our in-house, professional art handlers who are equipped with customized art transportation vehicles and are trained to accommodate claims of large volume.

  • If you need assistance determining if conservation is a viable option, please e-mail clear images to
  • The Conservation Center treats both pieces of market and sentimental value. It is a conflict of interest for The Center to provide valuations, however we can provide information on finding independent appraisers to assist with establishing values.
  • Pricing for conservation is based on the time and materials needed to complete the treatment and is determined by the conservator during the examination process.

Sending pieces to the conservation center

In order to provide detailed condition assessments and treatment proposals, we will arrange to have your items picked up and transported to The Center for examination. Please contact the Client Services Department for all collection transportation requests and questions.

For nationwide transportation: our shipping partners will safely package and send the items to The Conservation Center based on our specifications and instructions.

Please contact Client Services about any high-value pieces prior to shipment.


Upon arrival at The Center, pieces will be inventoried and photographed prior to be examined in the laboratory. Conservators will provide a formal condition report and treatment proposal for each piece. The treatment proposal outlines the methods and materials that will be used, pricing information, and estimated treatment time. Please allow 10 business days for the assessment process. Inventories with more than 25 items will require a longer assessment period.

The treatment proposal includes an itemized cost for each work which is based on the time and materials required for repair. The summary section provides a total cost for all services required, including shipping, handling and assessment fees, as well as storage charges.

Storage fees are charged per item per month based on the overall dimensions of the work and begin to accrue 15 days after the treatment proposal is sent. Additionally, storage fees accrue 15 days after the final invoice is sent.


For your convenience, condition reports and treatment proposals will be e-mailed to the appropriate parties. To proceed with treatment, please sign and send back the attached approval form. Work will not be undertaken prior to receipt of the signed approval form and the deposit.


Once authorization to proceed has been granted, a Client Services Associate will be in touch with the estimated completion date of the project. Treatment time depends on the size of the collection, the type of pieces, and the extent of damage.  Approximate treatment time will be included in the treatment proposal.


Storage quotes are available upon request on unapproved items. Additionally, unapproved pieces or losses can be discarded upon request.

Unapproved and untreated items can be returned upon payment of any balance due, including shipping, handling, storage, and assessment fees.


Upon completion of treatment, an invoice will be sent detailing the remaining balance due. Receipt of the balance due will authorize return shipment or delivery. Once the items are returned, shipments should be opened and examined within 7 days of receipt to determine client satisfaction with the completed work.


The Client Services Department is available at all times to work with clients, adjusters, and homeowners to answer any questions related to our procedures and proposed treatments. Client Services will also work with you to review alternative treatment options, determine the selection of appropriate individuals to approve treatments, or respond to special cases where emergency treatment or preliminary on-site examinations are required.

Appointments at The Center to meet with the conservators, review the collection and proposed treatments are available upon request.

Still have questions? Please get in touch with The Conservation Center's Claims Department.