in the press: general interest


“At 76, Local Chicago Fieldhouse Still A Hub Of Activity,” Daily Southtown (04/16/2004)
“Lasting Beauty – How To Protect Your Paintings From Damage And Decay,” Art & Antiques  (06/01/2004)
“Ensuring The Preservation Of Your Collection,” Chubb Collectors  (07/16/2005)
“The Art Of Preservation,” Jeanine Wine  (07/18/2005)
“Art Smart,” Colorado Homes And Lifestyles Magazine  (05/01/2006)
“Tough Times Call For New Ideas,” The Wall Street Journal  (02/14/2009)
“Board of Advisors Can Offer Ideas to Grow Business, Create Opportunities,” Chicago Tribune  (03/02/2009)
“Exclusive Web Video: Chicago Conservation Center Extended Coverage,” KCRG News  (06/10/2009) 
“Where To Get Stuff Fixed: Antique And Fine Art,” Chicago Magazine  (10/01/2009)
“Cultural Connections,” Chicago Social (CS) (04/01/2010)
“Realty Insites: Finding Craftsmen Is Challenging,” Pioneer Local  (04/15/2010)
“Chicago Conservation Center Offering Tours, Conserving Murals, Restoring Flood-Damaged Artwork,” Examiner.Com  (06/26/2010)
“Science Steps in for Second-chance Art,” Northwestern’s Medill Reports  (10/01/2010)
“The Chicago Conservation Center: Conservation, Repairs, and So Much More, Since 1983,” Chicago Gallery News Blog  (10/28/2010)
“About the Lab: The Marriage of Art and Science” Chicago Ideas Week  (08/03/2011)
“EXPO Chicago Hosts The First In A Series Of Regional Dinners For Collectors, Curators And Civic Leaders,” EXPO Chicago  (02/22/2013)
“The Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) of 1990: How Might It Affect Your Next Fine Arts Claims Adjustment?,” PLRB Front Lines  (11/27/2013)
“The conservation of Western Illinois University's Federal Art Project Collection,”
Western Illinois University Television Department  (12/17/2013)

“New Deal art exhibit will open Jan. 18.,” McDonough Voice  (01/09/2014)
“Forever Young,” Chicago Magazine  (02/01/2015)

in the press: heather becker


“Heather Becker purchases The Chicago Conservation Center” (01/01/2004) 
“Spinning Art Into Gold,” SBA News Release (05/01/2004) 
“Illinois Small Business Person Of The Year To Travel To Orlando To Compete For National Honors,” SBA News Release  (05/01/2004)
“Art Conservation Leader, Daley To Be Honored,” Chicago Tribune (06/14/2004)
“Small Business Administration To Honor Entrepreneurs,” Chicago Sun-Times (06/14/2004)
“The Best Advice Issue,” Today’s Chicago Woman (11/01/2005)
“New Analysis Of Data On Women In Business And The Labor Force,” The Small Business Advocate (09/30/2006)
“Noted Collector, Art Conservation Experts To Participate In Panel Discussion,” Axa Art Press Release Newswire (12/04/2006)
“The Chicago Network,” Today’s Chicago Woman (04/01/2007)
“The Last Word,” Today’s Chicago Woman (06/01/2007)
“Culture’s Keeper: Restoring Beauty To Art’s Bounty,” Luxe Magazine (11/15/2007) 
“Info Junkie: Heather Becker,” Crain’s Chicago Business (04/28/2008)
“Heather Becker: Yoga Moves For Optimum Health,” Today’s Chicago Woman (05/01/2009)
“Conservation Lab Saving Art: Heather Becker has Transformed a Small Business in Chicago into an Art Trauma Center,” Chicago Tribune (03/24/2010)
“100 Women Making a Difference,” Today’s Chicago Women (07/01/2011)
“She's a master of the art of the fix,” Crain's Chicago Business (07/30/2012)
“Heather Becker: Artful Entrepreneur,”  (01/11/2013)
“Lone Star: Go Home for the Holidays With Heather Becker,” Racked  (11/11/2013)
“TCC's CEO Heather Becker interviewed by CEO IntroNet,” CEO IntroNet  (11/18/2013)
“CEO Heather Becker: Using Creativity and Logic at The Conservation Center,” Family Office Review (11/22/2013)

in the press: art conservation


“Picture Perfect,” Herald And Review  (04/09/2004)
“Heroic Effort Saves Historic Photos Damaged In Lasalle Bank Fire,” ABC 7  (12/02/2005)
“Machine Malfunction Damages Art Collection,” KUTV.Com  (03/31/2006)
“Allegory Restored: Pulaski Park’s Mysterious Progressive-Era Mural Gets A New Life,” Chicago Journal  (04/26/2006)
“Dust Buster: Library Mural Getting A Good Cleaning From Friends In High Places,” Daily Chronicle  (10/26/2006)  
“Mural Touched Up At Library,” The Midweek  (11/08/2006)
“Facelift, Part Two,” Dekalb Public Library  (11/28/2006)
“Lincoln Campaign Banner Back On Display At Old State Capitol,” The State Journal Register  (12/20/2006)
“Let There Be Light: Dekalb Library Gets All Clear On Window Project,” Daily Chronicle  (01/19/2007)
“Murals’ Rebirth Brings History To Life,” Evanston Review  (03/22/2007)
“Historic Jane Addams Animal Sculptures Will Have A New Home,” Medill Reports  (04/25/2007)
“Cha Homes Almost Gone, But Sculptures Saved” Chicago Sun-Times  (04/25/2007)
“Historic Sculptures From Chicago’s Oldest Housing Project To Be Saved,” City Room (04/27/2007)
“Saving The Animals - Beloved Abla Sculptures To Be Restored,” Chicago Journal  (05/02/2007) 
“Animal Statues Saved,” Gazette (06/01/2007)
“Distant Memory Leads To Old Mural,” Chicago Tribune (07/06/2007) 
“Turning A Tragedy Around,” ICS Magazine  (07/12/2007)
“We Recently Bought A Lovely But Slightly Clouded Looking Old Painting,” Chicago Home Magazine  (08/01/2007)
“Edgar Miller’s Animals Finally Find A New Home,”  The Voice, Preservation Chicago (08/01/2007)
“Fixit: Protect Your Valuable Artwork From The Light,” The Star Tribune (08/01/2007)
“Visionary Parklands,” Clem Labine’s Traditional Building (10/01/2007)
“Extreme Weather Hits Home,”  (12/04/2007)
“Protecting Paper,” Art And Antiques (03/01/2008)
“Albion College Exhibit Brings Out Rescued, Restored Art,” The Battle Creek Enquirer (10/15/2008) 
“Artfully: Took Its Toll, The Frescoes” Saint Mary’s College Courier (10/01/2009)
“Collections Update,” University Of Iowa Museum Of Art (10/15/2009)
“Preservation Resources: Interiors,” Landmarks.Org  (03/01/2010)
“Sculpture Work Stalls Out: Funds Haven't Materialized To Restore Depression Era Art,” Chicago Journal  (03/17/2010)
“The Art Of Conservation,” Clef Notes Concert Journal Article (04/01/2010)
“How to Hang an Antique Print in Rooms With High Humidity,” Martha Stewart: Living (06/18/10)
“Historic Trust Collection Back at Holland Armory,” Holland Sentinel (09/24/2011)
"Where Lincoln Sat, Transfixed By Todd," The New York Times  (02/06/2014)
"Merchandise Mart Lobby Murals Come Back To Life," Chicago Tribune (07/16/2014)

In the press: disaster response coverage


"Restoring Damaged Artifacts," WBEZ Interview Archives (9/22/2008)
"Conservation Lab Saving Art," Chicago Tribune (3/24/2010)

Hurricane Sandy, New York, NY (2012):
"Sandy’s Impact on Art Losses," Claims Journal (10/29/2013)

Tennessee Floods, Nashville, TN (2010):
"Opry Enlists Help to Restore Flood-Damaged Treasures," Nashville Business Journal  (05/14/2010)
"After the Flood: Grand Ole Opry Taking Care Of Country Music Treasures,"  (05/14/2010)
"Opry Staff Works Round The Clock to Salvage Items From The Flood," (05/14/2010)
"Grand Ole Opry Assesses Damage After Nashville Flood," Entertainment Weekly (05/15/2010)

Flooding of the Cedar River, various locations, IA (2008):
"Cedar Rapids Museum Recovers From Floods," All Things Considered on National Public Radio (06/24/2008)
"Iowa Floods Hit Czech/Slovak Museum," The Prague Post (06/25/2008)
"Repairing Art Damaged By Natural Disasters," The Wall Street Journal (08/12/2008)
"Czech & Slovak Museum Will Tell Story of Flood Recovery," The University of Iowa News Service (04/09/2010)
"Chicago Conservation Center Restores Iowa’s Damaged Artifacts," KCRG -TV News  (06/10/2009)
"National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library Reopens Bigger, Stronger, Better," NAPSA (06/15/2012)
"It All Comes Out in the Wash," National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library (09/09/2012)

Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, LA (2005):
"Damaged Art Being Repaired, Revived," The State, SC (10/05/2005)
"Conservators Work to Save Art Rescued From Floodwaters," Hartford Courant (10/08/2005)
"The Deep End: Art Conservation After Katrina," ABC Radio National, Australia (10/10/2005)
"Team Bringing New Orleans Art Treasures Back to Life," Journal Sentinel Online (10/11/2005)
"After Katrina, A Big Art Repair Job," (10/18/2005)
"Protect Whatever Can Be Protected," USA Today (10/31/2005)
"Emergency Art Recovery After Katrina," Disaster Kleenup Triangle Times Newsletter (01/01/2006)
"Emergency Art Recovery and Conservation in New Orleans," IFAR Journal, vol , no 2, 2005/2006 (01/01/2006)
"Katrina Damages," Disaster Kleenup Triangle Times Newsletter (04/01/2006)
"Tulane University: The New Wave," Tulane University (05/25/2006)
"Salvaging Hurricane Damaged Art," Hello Beautiful! on Chicago Public Radio (08/27/2006)

LaSalle Bank Fire, Chicago, IL (2004):
"Heroic Effort Saves Historic Photos Damaged in LaSalle Bank Fire," ABC 7 (12/02/2005)

in the press: chicago public schools mural


“Art From The Old School: Hundreds Of Murals In Chicago’s Public Schools Are Being Restored, Bringing Art Again To The City’s Young Masses,” Preservation Magazine (12/01/2000)
“Historic African-American Mural Restored: Birthplace Of Black History Month Gives Painting New Life,” Chicago Sun-Times (02/19/2002) 
“Lost Art Collection Unveiled At Chicago Public Schools,” Inside (12/01/2002)
“Restoring Murals On School Walls A Stroke Of Genius,” Chicago Sun-Times (12/12/2002)
“An Art Education: Chicago Schools Discover A Wealth Of WPA Murals On Their Walls,” The Washington Post (01/05/2003)
“Treasure Hunt: Chicago Schools Uncover WPA Murals On Their Walls,” Daily Journal (01/19/2003) 
“An Artful Recovery: 8 Years Of Painstaking Work Restores 437 Historic Murals To City Walls,” Chicago Tribune Magazine: Our Amazing History (02/02/2003)
“Walls Shed Coats Of Paint To Reveal Trove Of 437 Murals,” The Seattle Times (02/02/2003)
“Chicago: Art Treasures Hidden On High School Walls,”  (02/03/2003)
“Winnetka Gives Mural 2nd Chance,” Chicago Tribune (12/30/2003)
“A Refresher Course On Murals,” LA Times (03/07/2004)
“WPA Artwork Is Saved,” Lake Forester (03/11/2004) 
“Oakton School WPA Mural Is Restored,” Evanston Roundtable (04/04/2006)
“Townline School Is A Living Museum,” Vernon Hills Review (04/20/2006)
“State Saves ‘Damsels’ In Disrepair,” The Dailey Northwestern (05/09/2006)
“Park District, The Chicago Conservation Center Restore Murals,” Chicago Park District News (05/10/2006)
“Reviving Charlemagne Mural At Oakton School,” Evanston Roundtable (06/01/2006)
“Chicago's Depression-Era Murals Restored,” Splash Magazine (06/13/2006)
“Piece By Piece,” North Shore Magazine (09/15/2006)
“See Oakton’s Restored Murals,” Evanston Now (02/21/2007)
“Saving WPA Treasures,” Oregonian Online (12/07/2007)
“What Did The WPA Mean To Chicago?” Eight Forty-Eight, Chicago Public Radio (01/21/2009)
“Preserving Painting Teaches Art, Chemistry, and More,” Edutopia (01/28/2009)
“Fred Jones Jr. Museum Opens WPA-Themed Exhibit Friday,” The Norman Transcript (02/01/2010)
“Artist, Author to be Featured Speaker at OU Art Museum,” (02/17/2010)
“Author to Discuss WPA Murals Tonight at Museum,” The Norman Transcript (02/17/2010)
“Admiration of New Deal Works of Art Flourishing,” USAToday (11/22/10)
“WPA 2.0: A Brand New Deal,” Portoluz (03/02/2011)
“Trumbull School's historic WPA murals threatened by CPS,” Fred Klonsky  (06/06/2013)
“WPA-era murals to come down as CPS schools close,” ABC 7 Chicago (06/06/2013)
“CPS Crews Removing Historic Murals from Closing Schools,” DNAinfo Chicago (06/06/2013)
“CPS Says It Will Protect 100-Year-Old Murals At Closing School,” CBS Chicago  (06/06/2013)
“Fixing Budgets, Changing Ratings,”  (06/07/2013)
“Historic murals to stay at Trumbull Elementary, for now,”  (06/07/2013)
“Parents worried about the fate of murals inside closing Chicago school,”  (06/07/2013)
“WPA art for the children of Chicago --even the ones in closing schools,”  (06/09/2013)