The Objects and Sculpture Department determines the best course of treatment to maintain the cultural and historical significance of the object and ensure its long-term preservation.

The Object and Sculpture conservators have a broad knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques. This department treats ethnographic and fine art objects made from materials including, but not limited to: stone, ivory, wood, ceramic, glass, and metal.

Due to the wide range of materials used, the treatments employed by the objects conservators range in complexity from simple surface cleanings to the reconstruction of shattered ceramics.

Past treatments include the restoration of models of historic battleships,  fabrication of missing handles on a Qianlong dynasty vase, and recreating the missing marquetry of a Boulle clock.     

The Object and Sculpture conservators often collaborate with The Center’s Framing and Display Department to construct specially-made mounts and UV-filtering vitrines to house and display pieces.