Major Mural Contracts

2001-2012 | 2000-1999 | 1998-1997 | 1997-1996

Private Residence: Murals by Claude Bentley

Private Residence: Salle de Georgio de Chircho by Frederick Clay Bartlett

First Presbyterian Church, Orange TX: Murals by various artists

Saint Mary’s College: 1955 O’Laughlin Auditorium Frescoes by Jean Charlot

Second Presbyterian Church: 1904 "Tree of Life" by Frederic Clay Bartlett

University of Iowa: 1941 "Congo" by Francis H. Morris

Tavern Club: 1927-28 "Pagan Paradise" by John Warner Norton

Chicago Park District Jefferson Park Field House:1930s "Historical Portrait Series" by various artists

Chicago Park District Calumet Park Field House: 1927 – 1928 "Illinois Heritage Series" by Tom Lea

Chicago Park District Eugene Field Park Field House:
"The Participation of Youth in the Realm of the Arts" by P.A.C.
1941 “Portrait of Eugene Field” by Pottawatomie Art Group

Chicago Park District Fuller Park Field House: 1912 "French Explorer Series" by John Warner Norton

Chicago Park District Independence Park Field House: 1937 "May the Spirit of 1776 Live On" by M.R. Decker

Royal Oaks High School: 3 1934 WPA Murals by various artists

Towline School: "Children’s Stories" WPA-era

Sherman Park Field House: 18 WPA murals, The New World Series, various artists

Gorton Community Center: 4 1936 painted-over WPA Murals, "Air", "Water", "Fire" and "Earth", by Ralph Henrikson

Elmhurst Post Office
1937 WPA Mural, “There was a Vision”, by George M. Smith
1938 WPA Mural, “On the Soil is our Worth”, by Raymond Breinin

Wilmette Post Office: Dining Room Mural

The Palm Tavern, Chicago, Illinois: 2 WPA Murals

Alfred Kohn Elementary School, Chicago, Illinois: Charles Turzak 1937 “Mural Maps”

The United States Main Post Office, Chicago, Illinois: Ida Noyes 1916 Jessie Arms Bottke Murals. North and South Walls

The Windsor Home, Winnetka, Illinois: Dining Room Murals

Chicago Board of Education

Fort Dearborn Elementary School: 13 WPA Elizabeth Ford murals

Joyce Kilmer Elementary School: 4 murals

Wolfgang A. Mozart Elementary School: 2 Greek Scenes, 1 WPA Charles Freeman mural

Parkside Community Academy Elememtary School: 4 Early American Scenes

Mount Vernon Elementary School: 2 Elizabeth Ford murals

Roswell B. Mason Upper Grade Center: 8 WPA Grace Sponberg murals

Horace Mann Elementary School: 3 WPA Ralph Hendricksen murals

Louis Pasteur Elementary School: 8 Lucille Ward murals

Lyman Trumbull Elementary School: 2 lunette murals

West Pullman Elementary School: 3 Ralph Hendricksen murals

Chicago Vocational High School: 14 WPA wood inlay murals

Lake View High School: 2 WPA Gregory Orloff painted-over murals

Christopher Columbus Elementary School: 3 WPA painted-over murals by Florian Durzynski

Hirsh High School: 4 WPA painted-over murals by Andrene Kauffman

Chicago Public Schools / Gallery 37: 64 8′ x 8′ panels by Keith Haring

Chicago Public Library - Legler Regional Library:  Richard Babcock mural

Oak Park School District, Oak Park, Illinois: 2 Ethel Spears, two Karl Kelpe WPA murals

Wabash YMCA, Chicago, Illinois: 1 William Scott mural

Fine Arts Building, Chicago, Illinois: 8 murals by eight artists

Illinois Supreme Court Law Library, Springfield, Illinois: 4 murals

Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois: 10 Albert Fleury murals

Central Mutual Insurance Co., Van Wert, Ohio: Woodblock wall murals

University of Michigan Graduate Law Library, Ann Arbor: 12 Hallway and Corridor murals

State of Arkansas Capitol Building, Little Rock, Arkansas: Ceiling lunette mural

Chicago Park District, Chicago, Illinois: 3 Field House murals

2000-1999 Public Building Commission

Albert G. Lane Technical High School: 4 Siporin murals, 7 WPA Britton frescoes, 40 Century of Progess murals, 2 WPA Jefferson League murals

Henry R. Clissold Elementary School: 5 WPA Jefferson League murals

Frank I. Bennett Elementary School: 3 WPA Gustaf Dahlstrom murals, 4 WPA Grace Sponberg murals

Lincoln Park High School: 1 Frank Stahr mural

Daniel Wentworth Elementary School: 2 1904 Norman Hall murals

Amelia Hookway Transitional High School:  5 WPA Hendricksen murals, 7 WPA “History of Chicago” murals

John Harvard Elementary School:  3 WPA Florian Durzynski murals

Carl Von Linne Elementary School:  1 WPA Ethel Spears mural

Newton Bateman Elementary School:  1 WPA Florian Durzynski mural, 1 WPA Roberta Elvis mural

Luther Burbank Elementary School:  2 WPA Andrene Kauffman murals

Walter S. Christopher Elementary School:  3 WPA Arthur Lidov murals

Hugh Manley High School:  3 WPA Gustaf Dahlstrom painted-over murals

Donal L Morrill Elenentary School:  2 WPA Lucille Ward murals

Maria Saucedo Academy:  2 Gustave Brand murals

Harold Washington Elementary School:  4 WPA Mary Hauge murals

Wendell Phillips High School:  4 1906 murals by four artists

Julia Ward Howe Elementary School:  1 WPA Florian Durzynski mural

Joseph E. Gary Elementary School:  1 WPA Roberta Elvis mural

1998-1997 Chicago Board of Education

George B. Armstrong Elementary School: 1 Marion Mahoney Griffin and 2 Frank Peyraud murals

Frederic Chopin Elementary School: 2 WPA Florian Durzynski murals

Joseph E. Gary Elementary School: 3 1915 Philip Ayer Sawyer murals

Helen Peirce Elementary School: 11 WPA John Warner Norton paintings

John M. Smyth Elementary School: 6 1910 murals by six artists

Edward Tilden Technical High School: 60 1931 James McBurney murals

George W. Tilton Elementary School: 3 1910/1911 murals by Janet Laura Scott

Carl Von Linne Elementary School: 1 1910 Datus Myers mural

Daniel Wentworth Elementary School: 29 1927 murals by James McBurney

William H. Wells High School: 3 1937 murals by Henry Simon

1997-1996 Chicago Board of Education

Lucy Flower Vocational High School: 9 WPA painted-over murals by Edward Millman

Albert G. Lane Technical High School: 7 WPA murals by Henry George Brandt

Carl Schurz High School: 25 WPA murals by Gustav Brandt

Sidney Sawyer Elementary School: 5 WPA murals by Lucille Ward

Louis Nettelhorst Elementary School: 1 WPA mural by Rudolph Weisenborn–1 WPA mural by E. Spears

Martin A. Ryerson Elementary School: 2 WPA murals by Irene Bianucci

Wolfgang A. Mozart Elementary School: 2 WPA murals by E. Gibson–2 WPA murals by Charles Freeman