Family heirlooms connect generations in a deep, personal way. From the handed down bible and grandmother’s knitted quilt, to a late 1800s baptismal gown and photos of a relative going off to war—anyone who has found or kept historic pieces in the family knows how moving they can be. These treasured items, passed down through the decades, provide insight into the lives of our ancestors and a richer understanding of our family's history.

Often family heirlooms make the journey from one generation to the next, but can be easily damaged by light, heat, humidity, pests, and handling. Some heirlooms simply deteriorate due to age-related issues.

To date, The Conservation Center has reunited families with cherished heirlooms such as shredded ketubahs and wedding documents, fire damaged photographs, flaking oil paintings, and warped water-damaged furniture. In some cases, the treatment process can even shed new light on a history or craftsmanship of a piece—which can mean so much more when that object has a direct relation to one’s family tree. Digital restorations is also offered for photographs damaged beyond repair.

It is The Center’s fundamental mission to treat each and every object with the highest level of care possible, regardless of its provenance and value. We are happy to assess and treat your sentimental items such as: photographs, family records, quilts, wedding and christening gowns, furniture, books, objects, and heirloom artworks. 

We welcome you to set up an appointment with The Center’s Client Services team to discuss treatment options for your family heirlooms so that they can be around for generations to enjoy.