Heather Becker: New Painting Series

Heather Becker is pleased to debut her new series of paintings at EXPO CHICAGO/2015.
The four figures are titled Feather Weighted One, Edges of Change, Origins of Vitality, and Liberated One.

Heather Becker is represented by Zolla/Lieberman Gallery. You're invited to view Heather's new works at Zolla/Lieberman (Booth 600) during EXPO CHICAGO/2015, from Thursday, September 16 through Sunday, September 20.

Feather Weighted One, 15" x 13" unframed (framed 19" x 17") Oil on canvas, 2015

Origins of Vitality, 13" x 11" unframed (framed 17" x 15")        Oil on canvas, 2015

Edges of Change, 11" x 9" unframed (framed 15" x 13")            Oil on canvas, 2015

Liberated One, 11" x 9" unframed (framed 15" x 13")               Oil on canvas, 2015