Frequently Asked Questions

How much does conservation cost?

There is an examination fee of $100 per piece. The examination fee covers the assessment and testing performed by The Center's conservators, in addition to handling while your piece is at our facility. The examination fee also includes a formal condition report and treatment proposal.  

The cost for conservation treatment is based on an hourly rate. As all pieces are unique, the cost for conservation will vary from treatment to treatment. The examination phase is integral to establishing the time and materials needed for a conservator to complete the project. All pricing information will be outlined in the treatment proposal after examination and testing have been completed.

Does The Conservation Center treat sentimental items?

The Conservation Center treats both works of sentimental and market value. Whether your piece is part of your family’s history or a high-value artwork, you can be assured that it will be treated with the utmost care.

What is my piece worth?

The Conservation Center is unable to offer appraisals or authenticate any pieces as it is an ethical conflict of interest. If you are interested in pursuing the history, provenance, or value of your piece, please contact an independent appraiser. Appraiser contact information can be found on the American Society of Appraisers website.

I would prefer not to move my piece. How would a conservator examine it?

The Conservation Center can provide an on-site assessment of your piece or collection.  Please contact the Client Services Team to schedule an on-site assessment or to get a quote.

I do not live in Chicago. How do I get my piece to The Conservation Center?

Please contact Client Services at (312) 944-5401 for assistance with transporting your piece to The Center.

I am an individual; can I still have my artwork treated at The Conservation Center?

Yes. The Conservation Center’s diverse client base includes everyone from private citizens to museums, auction houses, interior designers, and galleries.  

What is the status of my project?

To find out the status of your project at The Conservation Center, please contact Lindsey Owen with our Client Services Department.

I work for an insurance or restoration company and my client has had a disaster in their home. Can The Conservation Center come on-site and assist with the removal of the art?

Yes, please contact the Client Services Department or call us at (312) 944-5401 for assistance with all disaster responses. For 24-hour disaster response, please call (773) 673-8104. For more information, visit the Disaster Response section of our website.


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