The Center’s Mural Department restores 18th-21st century watercolor, fresco, secco, oil, and acrylic based murals on plaster, canvas, metal, and paper supports. The Mural Department has become renowned for the preservation of over 600 Progressive and WPA murals across the nation which represent our American heritage. Often up on scaffolding, working a square foot at a time, this department meets the demand of preserving large scale public art. See our list of major Mural contracts, dating back to 1996.

~ Dr. Margaret Nowosielska, Chief Mural Conservator

Please visit 11 Chicago Park Field Houses with 58 murals all around the city of Chicago:

  • Calumet Park Field House
  • Eugene Field Park Field House
  • Fuller Park Field House
  • Hamilton Park Field House
  • Independence Park Field House
  • Jefferson Park Field House
  • Palmer Park Field House
  • Pulaski Park Field House
  • Rutherford Sayre Park Field House
  • Sherman Park Field House
  • Warren Park Field House


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