Chicago Ideas Week 2012

The Center was proud to be a part of Chicago Ideas Week this October, offering a program called “The Marriage of Art and Science: A Behind the Scenes Tour of an Art Conservation Laboratory.” Our CEO, Heather Becker, received a wonderful response from an attendee that we would like to share:

“Ever since I had the privilege of visiting the Conservation Center last Wednesday, I’ve been reflection on my experience. I realized that I chose to come because I was inspired by the WTTW piece. Your narrative and that of your staff were both informative and engaging.

“When I arrived for the tour, and realized that I would experience in person a tour of the organization that had captured my interest so intensely on PBS, and that you would be facilitating the tour- well- it just doesn’t get any better!

“The staff at The Conservation Center are truly gifted artists and artisans in their own right. As I listened to them explain to us what they did and how they did it, I was genuinely awestruck and moved by their considerable skill, their passion for their work, their creativity, and their mutual respect for each other.

“Ms. Becker, it is readily apparent to me that you have worked very, very hard to create an environment where skill, passion, creativity, excellence and respect are the norms; and that you’ve adapted to market dynamics over the years to not only maintain such an environment, but to expand it. Your vision, passion, business acumen, and commitment to the legacy of art have made all of this possible.

“To you and your team – a heartfelt Thank You!”